Pricing & Privacy

We offer your rates that no one will ever be able to beat with no compromise on the quality of the service. We offer different packages with different rates. We can arrange a VA who will be available for you part time (80 hours a month) and full time (160 hours a month). But that’s not all that we have for you.

We can decide a mutually customized package as per your needs at a price that no other company will be able to beat. Our loan writing services starts from as low as AUD 80 per deal.

What we guarantee is that at any point of time if the VA working with you leaves due to any unavoidable circumstances (life happens to all) we will train another VA for you at our own cost.

We also understand the terms of privacy and the secrecy of the client’s data. And we assure that due to our secured software the information of your clients will be in safe hands.

Privacy Policy