We are an experienced team of Virtual assistants to mortgage brokers across Australia. We have been assisting mortgage brokers in Australia for more than 7 years now. We have seen the industry evolve from the manual compliance documents to automated CRMs. We understand the requirements of NCCP as well as the compliance instructions of the aggregators. We have seen the induction of BID into the system and are pretty much familiar with it.

In short we understand how the loan processing works and we tend to provide you with the best and most efficient loan writing experience that you will ever have with the most competitive pricing ever.

What we do

We can manage loans i.e., from the birth of a lead to settlement. We are familiar with each and every step like

  1. Understanding the client’s scenario. Calling clients to follow up on documents, and running their scenario on different servicing calculator.
  2. Entering their data into CRM.
  3. CRM Management
  4. Getting the necessary compliance documents signed by the customer.
  5. Creating application on apply online.
  6. Attaching the supporting documents.
  7. Submitting application.
  8. Pricing
  9. Valuations
  10. Follow ups with lenders.
  11. FHOG Applications
  12. Discharge Authority Forms

At any point of time a broker can ping us to know the status of a file. We will be just a message away to update you about the status of your file.

What’s in it for you

We understand completely that being a broker can be a hard gig. You are constantly trying to stay in touch with your clients, enter the data into CRM, follow compliance guide-lines, do employment checks and follow up with lenders and at the same time trying to grab new business. Let us manage your day to day tasks for you so that you can have some fresh air and can grow your business instead of constantly worrying about the day to day operations as doing employment checks or removing TFNs from Tax Returns.

About Us