What we do?

We understand completely that being a broker can be a hard gig. You are constantly trying to stay in touch with your clients, enter the data into CRM, follow compliance guide-lines, do employment checks and follow up with lenders and at the same time trying to grab new business. Let us manage your day to day tasks for you so that you can have some fresh air and can grow your business instead of constantly worrying about the day to day operations as doing employment checks or removing TFNs from Tax Returns. Let us take care of the administrative tasks so that you being a broker can focus on nurturing new business.


What We Offer for You

Client Follow Ups

If you have a big client data base and forget to take updates from them we can send them your marketing emails / birthday messages / Christmas cards on your behalf so that before refinancing they know you are watching and will come to you first in case of any other broker.

Application to settlement

Our staff is well versed in taking an application from the raw and follow it up with all the concerned parties until it settles.

Lender Pricing Calculations

Our team is well versed with the portals of almost all the lenders and can submit the pricing requests for your clients at any point of time.

Evaluation of Bank Statements

Our qualified team can have a look at the bank
statements and evaluate those for you in order to attain a specific information from the
bank statements like a specific expense or over all expenses of the clients.

Discharge Authority Form

Our team will get a completely filled discharge form for your
clients and can send it to the concerned lender / solicitor as well.


We will run servicing for your clients with any lender on their updated
calculator and keeping the lender’s eligible income policy in mind.


Our experienced team will take the data from CRM to AOL, complete all the
necessary steps, validate the data into AOL, upload all the documents for you and give
you a ready to lodge application on Apply Online.

Borrower Follow-up and Updates

Our qualified team and act as a bridge between the broker and the
client as well. We with your permission will get any type of missing information or
document from the client and can send to you or the the concerned lender directly

FHOG and Discharge Forms

Our team will fill out the fhog forms for your clients and can do follow ups
on the already sent fhog forms with lenders as well.

Lender Follow-up and Status Reporting

Our qualified team can assist you in taking an
update from any lender about a submitted application at any point of time and report
you the most recent status of the submitted application or get the assessor on the line
for you or leave a call back request with the assessor for you.

Valuation Ordering

Our qualified team can do submit valuation requests for a property with a
lender of your choice for you.


Our qualified team will take all the necessary compliance requirements of your
lender and aggregator into account and put complete the CRM data entry process for

We can manage loans i.e., from the birth of a lead to settlement.

We are an experienced team of Virtual assistants to mortgage brokers across Australia. We have been assisting mortgage brokers in Australia for more than 7 years now. We have seen the industry evolve from the manual compliance documents to automated CRMs. We understand the requirements of NCCP as well as the compliance instructions of the aggregators. We have seen the induction of BID into the system and are pretty much familiar with it.

At any point of time a broker can ping us to know the status of a file. We will be just a message away to update you about the status of your file.

Loan Processor